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Monthly Archives: July 2007

What a piece of shit. That man does not deserve to live. I hope he burns in hell. I man that would kill pitbulls, shoot them, drown them, and electricuted them DOES NOT DESERVE TO LIVE. I HOPE YOU LOSE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN LIFE.


Man we are been swamp with request for beats. So we finally got around to post some new ones on our beat page available for purchase. So check them out and just get at us if you are interested in having a Kast & Fame Original.

This Is A dope R & B Flava track that we are showcasing:


JMG is dropping his newest album “The Truth Hurts” this July 31. All produced by Kast & Fame(US). Check out the new single been pushed out to the public check it out.

Check out JMG’s Myspace at

Well this post has nothing to do with music, but more of us been clowns when we are bored. So on this phone clip we learned how to levitate check it out.