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Monthly Archives: August 2007

For many people waiting on JMG’s newest album “The Truth Hurts”. I am sorry to inform you that it won’t be release this August 28. The album has been pushed back due to problems clearing a song that contained a sample. The album has been re-schedule to be release this September 25. Due to the nature of this situation JMG has offered to release a mixtape free for downloads online containing unreleased songs that were due on the album. The Mixtape will be a Prequel to “The Truth Hurts” and is schedule to be available for download in the next week or even sooner. We suggest to everyone to keep posted to JMG’s web site or his myspace page

PS. Keep Supporting because this album is worth the wait.


Sammy T.
Urban Kings Inc.


Check out Kast’s photography epk: “Through My Lens”


One of the artist that we work very closely with, has made a video blog. Showing you a couple of tracks of his new album The Truth Hurts Coming out August 28. Talks about his inspirations for writing the songs and so on…Check it out

Im sorry for those that are waiting for this. But this movie is so fucking retarded! I mean Mobster that feel treaten my a woman and a son that never grab a gun is now Pistol Pete! Shit…He’s the Puerto Rican Rambo!!! LOL!!!Ill admit good Producers good Directors But fucking come on the story Line!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Me and my mom are going to Fight some Gangsters! LOL

VV Bella Is our Girl Vendetta Collection. Only For them Bad Ass Chicks! Nah Just messing For them girls that love to look good check out our site.

Ok We directed a new music video “Not like me”. So we take you behind the scenes of it. Right now is one of our best videos we have done yet. The Blood on the shirt was really Fame’s blood which had an injury in one of the scenes. Check it out….TRUTH HURTS AUGUST 28

This was one Video we literally bleed sweat no tears though. The Video was for JMG’s Song “Not LIke Me” (Also Produced by us). The Video Features appearances by Stomper of Hi Power and J.Hind Desi Movement. Check it out comment it if you want.