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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Official E-AD for our Newest upcoming Project.
Feel Free To Put it on your myspace pages.


Exclusive song from Spanky Loco ft. Kozme “La Grimas”. I really don’t know in which project this song ended up been released or been release on. But Check it out…Personal opinion Spanky Loco Is pretty dope doing spanish rap. By the way the song was produced by Us.(no shit huh…lol) Leave your feedback.

Currently We Been working hard on Slush’s Newest upcoming album, which is untitled. Man the work ethics of this project is at whole other level. We get in the studio at 2pm and end up leaving at 5am. Point blank Slush Is in the Studio with Kast & Fame. SOMEBODY CALL PETE FARMER!

Slush the villian

This song might mean different to other people. To us means the struggle and sacrafices we have to make to chase this dream. “We Gone To Far To Just Fade To Black”, That Line Simply tells it all.

The Truth Hurts 11/13/07 in stores everywhere