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Monthly Archives: December 2007

This is the last weekend of 2007 and we have had alot of accomplishments this year. Not as much as we would want to, but enough to keep the dream going. So I am summarizing 5 best things that happen to us in our career this 2007: Read More »


Assassins Creed
Alright, alright, so after much thought we bought an xbox360 (game tag: kastnfame). The first game we bought is “Assassins Creed.” Here’s our first of many more game reviews to come. Read More »

We produced a spanish pop song for Salvador Palma it’s called “te Quiero”. The Song was writen by, co-everything arrange. co-compose by him. So he wants to know what you think, so leave him some feedback.

Check him out at his myspace
Email him at:

Everyone knows record sales are dropping. In my opinion is because people are making crap, and expect people to buy it. We have Itunes that offers people to buy or should I say pick an album apart by just buying one or two songs out of the album. I don’t blame them when you have 80% of an album been crap that labels expects us to buy. There has to be a change in the way they sell their product, because the Internet will not be kind in anyway. You sell crap you will get crap…To be honest Itunes rocks, but it shouldn’t be the way of the future.