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Assassins Creed
Alright, alright, so after much thought we bought an xbox360 (game tag: kastnfame). The first game we bought is “Assassins Creed.” Here’s our first of many more game reviews to come.

Since first time i saw Assassins Creed i knew it was a game that it was going to be anticipated and would be a must have. Now that i have it i gotta say that is a next-generation game and it will defenitly change the way games are now made.

The only way i can really describe it, is think if Batman was an assassin in the middle east during the third crusade when they were tearing up the Holy Land. lol. Yea i know…

This is defenitly a must get game for these holidays.



  1. I’ve seen this game I’ve been meaning to check it out. I’ll probably rent it or something.

  2. assasins creed is badass. it should be the game of the year

  3. The horse ride Is way to boring and i can only take small dosage Of this game.

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