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Today someone made my day… Let me post what he said on a youtube video that i have up showcasing my photography:

“I don’t know….Estevan Oriol is gonna be some pissed off dude when he finds out you’re claiming to have taken them photos…which are obviously his.
TAKE THIS SHIT DOWN HOMIE…you even jacked his line…wab! WHAT A BITCH! ”

.. Most people must get offende by this, but not me. I actually took it as a compliment. For someone to say that my pictures were taken by Estevan, thats actually a compliment because i admire Estevans work. And that means I’m doing a pretty damn good job.

But this is not the first time i get something like this, and this is not the first person to actually tell me this. I actually keep getting stuff like this. So i though i’d address this, since this poster put it up for the public to see, so i thought i’d do the same.

So with that said, thank you angry poster (he/she seemed angry typing in all caps) for you have made my day.

PS. Below is the youtube video with the photography (yea i couldn’t miss a chance for some more self promotion, lol)


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