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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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A quick update on one of our most anticipated projects  “Once Upon Of Time In America” starring Stomper. Now here are the featuring list so far:
Slush The Villain
more to come….
we are bearly getting started.
Leave us a comment and tells who would you like to see in this project also.

So we were all sitting in the studio going over some pictures and an idea came out of no where: “We should start working on Stop Studio Gangsters II”. We thought it was just a random rant, but the idea kinda go more interesting as we sat in the hot studio. So we said fuck it why the fuck not!

Charlie Row and Kast & Fame would like to present to you the first leak out song of STOP STUDIO GANGSTERS 2. “BAD CUZ IM BROWN”

[Why a leak and not save it you say? Well we think once you hear this and see that the wheels in motion. You will not download the album when it comes out, so stack up your chips because it will be coming soon!]

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For my understanding gas prices has force the death of the SUV. Sells for the SUV have plummeted. It takes $100k to maintain a inefficient pick up truck running for five years, So people are pulling the plug on their beloved gas guzzling road monsters. Well lets welcome the age of the hybrid or basically small, eco friendly, non gas guzzling cars. I always wonder though why do they have to design eco friendly cars so ugly. And if you are waiting for the gas prices to go down, start getting use to it. Just like our human nature suppose to be we have to learn to adapt and economize.