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For my understanding gas prices has force the death of the SUV. Sells for the SUV have plummeted. It takes $100k to maintain a inefficient pick up truck running for five years, So people are pulling the plug on their beloved gas guzzling road monsters. Well lets welcome the age of the hybrid or basically small, eco friendly, non gas guzzling cars. I always wonder though why do they have to design eco friendly cars so ugly. And if you are waiting for the gas prices to go down, start getting use to it. Just like our human nature suppose to be we have to learn to adapt and economize.



  1. So true my friend. Gas guzzlers are finally a dying race LOL! Thank God! All they do is cause enviromental damage by polluting the air we and our children breath every day. Just think, if running your car in a garage can kill you, what do you think happens when inhaling all these fumes everyday does to your health whenever you step outside and walk along the sidewalk? Can you say Cancer? See, there is a positive side to high gas prices, means most people are getting rid of those pollution monsters finally LOL! Can I hear an amen?

  2. Well we can take an example of kids living in San Pedro,CA near the ports. Now because of all the pollution of the big ships and all the big rigs coming in to the cities port. The kids are growing up with asthma, and breathing problem related diseases. We are becoming a virus to mother nature, it seems that eventually she we get tired and just like a flu virus on a human body, she will get rid of us. The ones suffering will have to be the future generations. =( Sucks for my future kids.

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