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Monthly Archives: July 2008

I am not one who talks much about his personal life in public, but it helps since right now I am not talking much about it in person. This past weekend was one of the hardest weekends of my and my family’s life, and that was watching my momma past away. Saturday July 26 at 9:20pm has forever been implanted in my brain. But this is not such a sad story for those who really knew her and knew the battle that she endure for a couple of years fighting cancer and well To Die Is Not To Be Dead But To Live, right. A dear friend of mine called me last night at almost 2am and said the most beautiful words to me and I could tell it came deep from his heart. I never expected that from a guy like him and I never expected him to remember my mother with such love. That’s when I realize how much my mother cared for people. To know her was a privilege not cause she was my mother, but because her ways of showing love to those that met her. She never judge, and she never said no to you if you really needed her help. Everything I accomplish so far has been because of her and her attitude of “Pos Has lo Ya”, “Do it Now”, Teaching me that can’t always depend on other people, you have to go out there and get it for yourself. My mother protected us at whatever cost, that’s why she had to go because tough times are coming and She was recruited to the army of the light. 
Everything I say, everything I do, everything I think feels different now. I feel there is a bigger purpose, and I am sorry if you see this the corny way but I can’t waste time in mediocrity, I have to earn my wings if I want to be with my momma. I have good Friends and just like my mother treated people, you are not just people that come to my house you are my family. Kast and I never had a huge family no extra brothers and sisters, but God gave us extra brothers and sisters in other places. If you guys are reading this I love Every One of you, Thank You Really Thank You for the way you remember her Thank You For Been My Friend My Brothers/Sisters. Thank You for been there when we most needed you. 

“Tengo Que Ser Fuerte/Hasta La Muerter”
“I have to be Strong, Till Death”
Reyna Osorio/My mom 1965-2008

PS. Cancer is a real tough illness, I saw it first hand and in a way experienced the pain it cause. But We have to be strong for those family members going through it. You are the reason why they keep battling it and staying alive till is time that God says enough. If you are going through the illness you have to stay strong, because only God saids when is when not the doctors. Take care of yourself.

God Be With You…
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Civilization Revolution, not really the type of game i would pick up and/or buy. This game was actually lent to me (and no im not just saying that cause im ashamed.) 

The concept of the game is good, you choose your civilization (i chose the Aztecs) and you build your empire. At the same time there are other civilizations developing as well. You go to war, you develop great cities, you build armies, explore the world and all the things that you’d expect. So far sounds great, right?

Well the problem downfall that i see with this game is that its too short. You complete that game in 2-3 hrs max! The maps are small, and you can only encounter 5 civilizations at once. the time lapse is too short as well. For example if you haven’t discovered the alphabet, you can go into the modern era without it. 

Its an entertaining game for the 2-3 hrs that you play it, but I just don’t think it lets you develop everything as much as you’d like to. 

Well Good news to start of our week, a song with Charlie Row Campo produced by us got played on the Pocos Pero Locos show on Power 106. That is always real good…Well If you haven’t heard It Hear it goes, Oh yeah and If you like it KEEP REQUESTING THAT MUTHA’ SWAMP THEM LOL:


I know this might be an old topics for some of you, but as I was researching more about it I really got disturb by the fact of mayweather been an MMA fighter. Is the ego of this man so big he thinks he can just enter an octagon and just expect to knock out someone just like that? with no background of ground fighting, kicking(tea kwon do), and so on. What is this guy going to do when they shoot for double leg take down, get an in full mount and ground and pound baby!!! Is he going to sprawl, Get in a full guard, etc???? MMA style is not to be disrespected, this is not a one dimensional fighting style. Just because mayweather beat the Big Show in the wwe he thinks can beat a guy in the mma arena (maybe a douche bag of a fighter), This is not the WWE. Sorry but Mayweather is just a boxer trying to get his hands in everything before his time limit is up. He can be an “entertainer”, but don’t make MMA a joke, like elite X tried to do on that CBS DONKEY CRAP of a show. RESPECT MMA…


“Be Like Water,my Friend” -Bruce Lee