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daddy yankee can suck a republican ass. I know i am not making a very intelligent statement here, but come on since when is a rapper a conservative! I think something is wrong with that picture. I never like that guy, i’ll stick to pitbull. PSH sell out…Well Who cares is not like his fan have a brain to care about politics.
OOOOOHHHHH You know damn well those kids in the background have no voting age, lol nor look republican. I am guessing those that have a voting age are going to think “Well whom should i vote for? Well Daddy yankee said vote mccain so my ass should do it, even though i hate wars, the economy is fucked up thanks to bush, and we might drill over seas. But Fuck it I like daddy yankee”. I mean come on!!! 



  1. Gotta agree that he’s selling out man, I’m pretty disappointed, I doubt he knows much about whats going on. But I gotta disagree on your statement about his fans picking McCain just because of Daddy Yankee. Personally, I do listen to his music and don’t dislike him but I mean if I could vote I wouldn’t even consider voting for him even if yeah I listen to Daddy Yankee you know. I think when someone goes to vote they base their decisions on other factors about the candidate not just cuz of an artist, but heck what do I know maybe people ARE stupid enough to based it off that! lol

    Either way tho, DY’s support of McCain will have little to no effect on the results anyway u know, cuz what is the percentage of young latino voters in the nation? Not too high, so then from those voters how many even like DY or even reggeaton? Not too many so I mean he’s not doing anything with this.



  3. Ok I might have had came out alittle strong with the post. I was trying to be sarcastic with DY fans thinking about voting Republican because of DY. I think it was a publicity scheme, you know be on tv alittle, try to appeal to conservative adult audience. Just like Ludacris made that song for Obama, and now some democrats don’t want to vote for him because of “Gangster rappers” indorsing him. Oh well…I hear I ticking time bomb.

  4. i saw the daddy yankee interview over the weekend on univision where he talked about this and he says he supports mccain because mccain “understands” the problems of the latino community…..I can’t say thats a lie because if we look back, mccain together with senator kennedy, came up and were the leaders of the last couple immigration reforms that never made it past the house or whatever. But its all a different story once in office, so im with you, its a double edged sword :/

  5. Let me say something McCain doesnt give a damn about the hispanic or black community he can’t even look at a black man eye to eye, did you see the debate he wouldnt even look at Obama, and when the black guy got up to ask a question McCain couldnt even look at him eye to eye and couldnt even remember his name. than he went ahead and moved in front of a white person and continue talking. And Daddy Yankee didnt do it because he cares about Politics, what does he know about Politics not a damn thing. He only did it for publicity and probably even money so who ever falls for this stunt its also an idiot, and doesnt realize that Republicans its all about making the richer, richer and the poor people poorer. VOTE OBAMA he is looking out for the minorities and the MIDDLE CLASS citizens…

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