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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Vote 08. probably one of the most important times to actually take part in a government event. The votes will decide wether we will have 4 more shitty years or REAL change.

Be a part of something as historic as the elections of 2008. 

Also read up on your state props, for they are important as well. 


Tag Team Champions

Tag Team Champions

I just wanted to tell everyone Happy Halloween from Kast & Fame. Don’t forget only 4 days left for election. Man, I hope they isn’t going to be any funny business. Anyways Go Get Me Some Good Candy!!! I know I can buy some, but free candy taste even better. Specially when they come with razor blades and other sharp goodies, I am just joking. No, but seriously check your kid’s candies before they start munching away to sugar high.

Ok if you haven’t heard it, Here is a Rmx song from JMG’s Latest album “The Truth Hurts” In stores now. I always liked this song because of the storyline, but I simply love it!

I finally got around to doing a video explaining a little bit about our new digital download project, called Definition. Check it out:

Everything that had to do with the trip was last minute, but we had fun. Oh yeah, J.Ville if you are reading this; hit me up on myspace/fame01 I need to send you something in the mail.

“Is there a God? God does not exist”, I been hearing more and more people say this and spread their belief in there isn’t a God through to other people. The way they do it is like they have a personal vendetta against believers of whatever religion it is. The way they speak can either be so hateful or so arrogant. You know I have friends that are atheist or agnostic, and I love them. I don’t force my belief to anyone, as much as they don’t question why I have to believe. I think these type of arguments don’t get people anywhere, but to just irritate one another. 
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Ok so we don’t this often, but I just uploaded a beat that I think it’s bananas! So check it out we call it “We Live It”. So if you are interested in getting this track get at me direct:
aim:deadendstudios or

Here is the track: 

We kick off the first week of october with a new Kast N Fame TV episode. Just take a tiny little bit behind the scenes of a photoshoot with the infamous Charlie Campo. Enjoy!

If you are into MMA or just slightly know what’s up with Kimbo Slice you know by now what happened last night. Millions tune in to see the “greatest fighter in MMA” well at least as been marketed by Elite X. I was at a party and it so happened they had the match on the big screen. So I am getting texts about Kimbo looking nervous or whom I going for. A drunken girl screaming by my ear “GO KIMBO!!!”

We are all watching what we spend or we are just simply not spending. The hard part is been a small business and not knowing how to stimulate promotions to revenue sells. Well you can’t go wrong with professional web sites that meet the needs of your business. So we came up with these package deals to help out your promotions. You know you will be in good hands when you work with Dead End Studios.

Call us for an appointment.

Call us for an appointment.