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If you are into MMA or just slightly know what’s up with Kimbo Slice you know by now what happened last night. Millions tune in to see the “greatest fighter in MMA” well at least as been marketed by Elite X. I was at a party and it so happened they had the match on the big screen. So I am getting texts about Kimbo looking nervous or whom I going for. A drunken girl screaming by my ear “GO KIMBO!!!”
KIMBO SLICEand every body stops to see this so called machine destroy another unknown fighter that is only known by the hardcore mma followers. Round starts Kimbo engages Petruzelli and right away Kimbo gets dropped by a jab following massive punches on the ground resulting the ref’ to be force to stop the match. Right then I was like “yeah!!!” while people around me, jaws dropped in disappointment. In my mind I was happy because the goose that laid the golden egg has been exposed. He was not a machine, he was not the greatest mma to step into the ring as many pop culture fans and kids think. That’s my whole hate on Kimbo; That people screaming “Go Kimbo!!!” and thinking he can beat anyone are plain idiots, yes I said it. I hated Kimbo because of that, but after he finally tasted defeat, I feel sorry for the guy. Elite X brought him up to quick and mass market him as the greatest, the beast, the machine, and no one can stop him. Kimbo was carrying the whole whack ass company that Elite X is, and now that he lost who knows if they will still be a company.
In closing for all you that are Kimbo fans he is a great street fighter no wait he is a legend street fighter. But MMA is a classy sports with people that sacrifices their bodies and dedicate their life to modifying their bodies superior form to be able to survive the rigorous punishment they go through in battle. Those MMA fighters are warriors in my eyes. Know the sport don’t be fool by circus acts that elite X has built.

 Side Note: Poor Guy (Kimbo), It’s not his fault that he was marketed that way. But he got paid real good, I mean real good according to sources. So hopefully he can bounce from this or if not hopefully he makes good investments with the money he earned. 




  1. Wow.. the only people I hear call him great are people complaining that he’s over-rated. Anybody that knows about MMA knows Kimbo’s just a brawler and nowhere near being a good MMA fighter. If you this is him being ‘exposed’ for you, where have you been? Didnt see him lose to Sean Gannon years ago? People are taking this fight a little too seriously.

  2. I know about the Sean Gannon youtube videos, but it has never crossed my mind to acknowledge the fact that he lost that fight, simply because it was a youtube fight. In no way hardcore MMA fans called him great, they were hating the fact that they were marketing him that way as a lie. Of course we knew he was a phony, of course we knew he had no skills at all, but did the regular people know about it? The people that felt into the 15 minute hype know about it? I don’t think so, it was those whom he needed to be exposed to. I personally bring it up as a great moment because I got to see how those people that felt into the hyped, jaws dropped in disappointment 14 second. Now that is a great moment…

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