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“Is there a God? God does not exist”, I been hearing more and more people say this and spread their belief in there isn’t a God through to other people. The way they do it is like they have a personal vendetta against believers of whatever religion it is. The way they speak can either be so hateful or so arrogant. You know I have friends that are atheist or agnostic, and I love them. I don’t force my belief to anyone, as much as they don’t question why I have to believe. I think these type of arguments don’t get people anywhere, but to just irritate one another. 

One thing that really gets to me though, is that some people choose to believe there isn’t an after life or heaven nor hell. You know they are right then I choose to be wrong. I choose to not believe that my life was pointless and I will become nothing else then food for the worms. I choose to believe that someone up there will judge my life and take everything good from me. I choose to believe that my family is not dying and just becoming dust for never to be seen again. I choose to be wrong in your eyes…

I choose to believe in my lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Father…

Why do you feel like you have to prove me wrong? Why does it irritate you that I believe in a God? Why do you feel like you should read a bunch of books use high vocabulary words to make a person feel like they don’t need to believe? I understand that you maybe get mad of people preaching to you, but aren’t you doing the same and maybe in a matter that makes you seem you are not all there. If you don’t believe then that’s your life, but respect others because not doing so doesn’t make you any different then an extremist or as you like to bring up history as a crusader that murder in the name of God.



  1. i was just stumbling through the website and i noticed you left out the holy spirit. It is part of the trinity- the father (god), the son (jesus christ), and the holy spirit. It sounds like your looking for some spiritual enlightenment from how you were defending your faith sounds like you have the hunger for it. You know there is this one spiritual encounter you can live, its called encuentro catolicos, its being held at my local parish, coming soon october 30th. let me know if your interested… get at me. you know wha im saying.

  2. thank you for the invitation, I am trying to have a full belly of knowledge of spiritualism.

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