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Monthly Archives: November 2008


It’s almost here. Another installment of Stop Studio Gangsters, the game knows it needs it. I can honestly say that its BANGING! We got a variety of tracks. Most of you already heard the “hit” single “Bad Cause I’m Brown” and you can expect more bangers like that and also some other types of tracks that are sure to make your car rumble with bass. So as we near the end of this latest installment we keep in mind what you our listeners like don’t like and of course always trying to surpass your expectations because we love to push that envelope.

ps. When this project come out remember to BUY it. I can’t stress that enough. I know every has heard this a lot, but really if you all keep downloading these projects, you are all taking money away from your favorite artists, producers, and record labels. If there’s no money for them there is no music for you. I’m sure some of you don’t give a fuck, but thats just sad. Especially some all you who are all support raza this support raza that and then you go on a bootleg music from raza. So i end this post with this…STOP BOOTLEGGIN’ FUCKERS.


Ok Kast and I ended messing around in this episode starting from 3:05. It just shows you how sometimes we like to have fun in the studio. We are not just producers, we are entertainers lol. Post your comments!

I just got this video of Burst Rock doing what he do best and wearing that Vendetta Apparel while doing it.

Photography By Kast of

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Photography by: Kast
Sporting that new Hood Star Hoodie

Woke up today and realized that history just happened. A new president has been elected, and not just any president, the first black president in the history of America. You know what this means right? This country is no longer racist; well for the most part. Now will we get change or will the only change he will bring will be the color of his skin. It really doesn’t matter as long as we don’t have a 3rd bush administration style of government. Hopefully people understand that hard times are yet to come. The collapse of the economy will take years and like Obama said more then a term to recover. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a part of history where America has another great depression. Is hard as it is right now for some people that are loosing their jobs. Hopefully change for the good does come, and come soon.

Dj Mike Smoove wearing one of our shirt designs. Check out his myspace:

Since we get this question alot from fans of Charlie Row, “What’s going on with SSG II”? Well Here is a little update from loosing alittle focus from it since “Bad Cause I Am Brown” single and radio spung. Both KnF and C-Row have refuel the fire that is Stop Studio II. We are half way done and the sounds coming out of this album is just amazing! We are trying to finish this project before the years over. Hopefully we get a good release date, but that is up to the soon to be the big boys “Urban Kings Inc”. So spread the word and demand Stop Studio G’s II.