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Monthly Archives: January 2009

This is a new film and directed by us.

In this song lil sneaks is depicted as a man who is trying to help out his family in two parts of the world. In a moment of desperation he is willing to do to commit a crime since there is no other way to provide for them.

Directors comments:
In the story line that’s what the liquor store symbolizes, a crime done by deperation.

Check out Lil Sneaks at page


Ok i know this artist is brand new to you readers, he has been working on his album since 2006 with us, so it’s all produced by KnF. Check out his album snippets:

lil boxer the way that it is

Ok brand new song from Steel Banging Musick: Midget Loco, Toro, Youngster. It’s called “You Get No Love”. Produced by yours truly Kast & Fame. Enjoy!

So according to a web site/forum, we were the producers of the year when it came to chicano rap. That’s from people that voted in them poll/awards. I think it was a nice fun thing they did, since our genre of music doesn’t have people giving us awards. If you don’t know which web site it was the most hated and the most loved of them all, and rappers be lying to you if they say they don’t check that site, everyone does. It gets alittle annoying, but hey it’s the only fully active gossip site for Chicano rap. Anyways I was hoping they would give us some trophy or atleast a cyber trophy so we made our own:
Calfarap trophy
The extra one is for Urban kings. Since I know he won’t accept it, So I will on his behalf. So ok our thank you speech: We would like to thank all califarap members that voted for us, the rappers that trust us with their talent, Big Rob for always hooking it up with the product i need, ummmm my parents, THANK YOU GOD. LOL!!! you gotta have an imagenation to picture us up there. We’ll take 2009 also, so better make us some real trophies. Check out the Site:


Watch it in High Def:
This is our first video directed using green screen and some motion graphics. The Song “Shades On” is by Los Angeles based rapper Two Face. Enjoy!

Well is the first morning of 2009, it’s actually 3:19am and I bearly got around to writing my goodbye 08 blog. You know is the first day of 09 when all the drinks you had are hitting you. Anyways 08 was another good year for KnF, we had our ups and downs like a roller coaster. We had life changing moments that effected us from then till forever, maybe it gave us a purpose to look at the bigger picture of life. I know some of you don’t know what I am trying to say, but if those whom know us, thank you for been there is the hard times. So People have been telling us, we are doing “big things”. Honestly I don’t really notice it, It has just become another day at the office. I look back at last year 08 and we have production on over 14 albums. We had a song on the radio this year, even if it was for a little bit it was on the air. How many of you can say that. Ofcourse that ain’t new to us, but it is always good to get that tiny shine. We made only one video, which was “We Come From The Valley” Starring Fiesty 2 guns, Some people didn’t like (Tools), but people that understand the creativity and innovation of C-Rap music videos know what the hell we are doing. Honestly, their wasn’t that much to really say about 08, I actually spit on it and kick it goodbye. Please God, Please!!!Bring us a good year on 09. Let this economy get atleast alittle better for those whom are struggleling, let these record sales pick up, let my people find jobs. Man, I don’t know whom is reading this or who reads our rants, but fuck that whole barking “2009 is ours” crap, come on homies you guys are sounding like broken records. Start taking action in your craft, start hustling till you drop, start doing SOMETHING to back up your so call “take over”. I tell you this because we are a factor in this game, and I tell you this because I want every single and one of you to be on top. I don’t give a rats ass if you don’t like us, but I still want you to be on top. Why? Because this business needs stimulation, and it takes all of us to do it. Let’s try to better our craft so everyone can make their share, from retail stores, to pressing shops, to Rosa selling your cds at the swap. That’s what the team KnF, UK, Stomper, Charlie Row, and everyone that bleeds for this business is doing, If you want to be part of the greatest, you got to be great yourself. So if you aint doing your shit right stop, revise and figuer out what’s going wrong. Lets stop cheaping the game, we are mexican/chicano/latin rappers, but come on i am tire of this game been worth pesos. So point blank, this 2009 you are going to see alot of action, THEY AINT NO RECESSION IF YOU MOVE. THEY AINT NO RECESSION IF YOU MAKE DOPE, SO MAKE YOUR CRAFT DOPE.

PS. I love every single and one of you that support everything KnF does. We do it to give you something more then rap. Oh yeah and sorry for my bad grammer and misspells, I am typing in the dark at well now 3:49 am. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!LOVE YOU ALL!!! “We don’t quit even if we bleed in the corner”