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So according to a web site/forum, we were the producers of the year when it came to chicano rap. That’s from people that voted in them poll/awards. I think it was a nice fun thing they did, since our genre of music doesn’t have people giving us awards. If you don’t know which web site it was the most hated and the most loved of them all, and rappers be lying to you if they say they don’t check that site, everyone does. It gets alittle annoying, but hey it’s the only fully active gossip site for Chicano rap. Anyways I was hoping they would give us some trophy or atleast a cyber trophy so we made our own:
Calfarap trophy
The extra one is for Urban kings. Since I know he won’t accept it, So I will on his behalf. So ok our thank you speech: We would like to thank all califarap members that voted for us, the rappers that trust us with their talent, Big Rob for always hooking it up with the product i need, ummmm my parents, THANK YOU GOD. LOL!!! you gotta have an imagenation to picture us up there. We’ll take 2009 also, so better make us some real trophies. Check out the Site:


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  1. hahaha. The only rapper that stays out of CR is Serio. we need to pay him to go in there and bust the sites rating up. You know essshe!! Washifas affiliated

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