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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Are we going to Die in 2012? Well I put together 10 things that might happen in 2012, KnF prediction:

1. The world will explode due to global warming.
2. Aliens will come from outter space and make us slaves.
3. The Aztec serpent god Quetzacuatl will return and eat all of us and reclaim his reptilian kingdom.
4. Obama will self proclaim king of the world and nuke to every country that defies him, starting with Iran.
5. Everything will fly off into outer spacer due to the magnetic tilt of the world.
6. HDTV will brain was us causing us to do everything the government tells us.
7. The world will become a water world and Octopus will take over the world.
8. That gay guy from “Leave Britney alone” will become president and send straight people to concentration camps and gas chambers. He hates straight people…
9. The earth will have a major earth quake and it will crack open unleashing out the demons from hell.
10. KnF and Vendetta Republic will rule the world.


Check out the picture of his crazy fans:

lol, Nah but check out my carnal at

On this Episode Kast is tricked into getting a tattoo. Make sure to go to our channel and click “Subscribe to our Channel”.

We just got this Street Fighter 4!! You want to fight us? Add us on our xbox live accounts:


Xo shinigami oXpicture-4

We didn’t get it on the day it released but i still pre-ordered it and i was suppose to get a headband but they were all gone. 😦

so we made our own.

Ok so i made this video of me showing of songs that we produced for Charlie Row Campo-Stop Studio Gangster Part. 2 Coming out this march 10 In stores everywhere. So check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel:

you can now follow us on Twitter. We will be posting small blurbs, taht dont require a whole blog post.

I must say dude is has talent, I was impress by how fast he can come up with something catchy. Check it out!

First official AD campaign for one of the biggest projects of 2009 that we are working on side by side with Stomper. Now this is actually stompers first official solo album, for those whom are still wondering about it.
america bespuche

You just can’t go wrong with Dead End Studios Designs. Kast the creator of has made a high light for his career as a graphic designer, he has designed a logo that was for a brand new video game developing company that is now worth 2 million dollars, but that is not all; the man is so creative that he just not happen to design the logo, but he name the company! I mean if that doesn’t show you the power of the creativity of this man, I don’t know what is. So stop doubting and start working with us.

Check out the video game site:

the celebration cake

ad1In celebration to the month that we started our clothing line in 2007, we are running our annual one month specials. That means that this first week of February you can get anything in our Apparel store for 40% off. You can get that $80.00 dollar jacked you kept complaining that it was so over priced for 40% off!!! But this is only on the first week of February ending next sunday the 8. The following week is 30% off.

Check out the store: