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Are we going to Die in 2012? Well I put together 10 things that might happen in 2012, KnF prediction:

1. The world will explode due to global warming.
2. Aliens will come from outter space and make us slaves.
3. The Aztec serpent god Quetzacuatl will return and eat all of us and reclaim his reptilian kingdom.
4. Obama will self proclaim king of the world and nuke to every country that defies him, starting with Iran.
5. Everything will fly off into outer spacer due to the magnetic tilt of the world.
6. HDTV will brain was us causing us to do everything the government tells us.
7. The world will become a water world and Octopus will take over the world.
8. That gay guy from “Leave Britney alone” will become president and send straight people to concentration camps and gas chambers. He hates straight people…
9. The earth will have a major earth quake and it will crack open unleashing out the demons from hell.
10. KnF and Vendetta Republic will rule the world.



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  2. Wow thats some big plans u got there for us for 2012 lol i just think some big ass storms is gonna kill us all. the world will flood and big ass tornadoes and all that crazy stuff will happen at once. the continents will drift different ways causing the climate to change… krazy azz shit lol

  3. yea its all true

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