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I have been noticing that my life in a hurry online is causing me the lack to take the time to correct my grammar. I spend a lot of time on blogs, forums, texting, aim, and yahoo messenger that I have fallen into the “LOL” language user. By that I mean that we are starting to live in an online society were we keep things short, or we just don’t spend as much time correcting our writing errors. I am a little ashamed that I have fallen into that category of online users. From now on I will pay extra attention to my writing skills. Even while I chat I will not use shortcuts like “How r u” or “Is dat urs”, after years of doing that it has an effect on your writing skills. I am not saying it does for everyone, but for a man that tries to keep his mind 100% dedicated to design, art, and colors. I will space out and forget that I have to write properly. So I will not correct my grammar from past articles. To remind me that there is a grammar police or people might overlook my designs because I have run-on sentences or just have a horrible grammar.


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