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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Ok so we did a video blog on Kast & Fame TV just giving you something different other then studio sessions and so on. ENJOY!!!


This episode is a behind the scene look to the music video “Dreams”. All filmed guerrilla style…It’s just Unpredictable what was going to be film.

Our brand new design “Kingdom Come” has been unleashed we are 100% proud of it! Make sure you stop by our store and ponder getting it. I know some of you are already placing your orders as soon as you get the email blast. Also if you want to order more then one item, we are running a special for a couple of weeks. Get 20% off any purchase of $40.00 or more (Use code:VSTYLE01) That’s Free Shipping plus more…So check it out!

Kingdom Come

Hey what’s up readers, well it’s 4:27 am Easter Sunday and I am a little upset at the moment. I just so happened to read all these post on califarap forum about 40 Glocc (some old school rapper) making a “Racist” video against Mexican immigrants. So I thought to myself, well this must be blown out of proportion (like it always is). I took interested in and looked for the video on youtube. So I click play; keep in mind that I am a very open minded individual, free spirit and I don’t care for color of the skin or racial politics. When I saw that video I was outrage. First of the video is marked as comedy, and is basically 40 glocc trying to pick up Immigrant Day Labors. What is so funny about it? Is it funny to humiliate a man trying to make an honest living for his family at home? I don’t think so, and if you think so you make me sick. In the video it displays a couple of them showcasing for “40 glocc” saying “I am strong, I am Strong”. Remind you of something? When the white man in the 1700s used to sell black slaves “The Negro Is Strong”. How humiliating you think the slaves back then felt? How do you think the modern day slave feels having to showcase for this man. 40 glocc just went and got him self a slave for the day. I have heard that they are saying “It’s a misunderstanding” In no way no how it’s been taken out of content. This is what it was meant to be, a Prejudice Racist video against the immigrant Mexican race. HOW THE HELL IS IT FUNNY???? If he really thinks this was funny, man this guy has a poor poor I mean dog shit of a taste in humor. This just fuel the racial tension in the streets, in our schools, in our workplace, everywhere! Doesn’t this guy know what the fuck he was doing??? Now when Companies, Actors, Rappers Like eminem,TV Shows etc…make stereotype against the black race. You have thousands of people and organizations roaring a boycott and demand a public apology, and they give it. I think if the man really means what he is saying “Is a misunderstanding” Then he should issue a public apology. But I don’t think he will…I could careless if some of you don’t like me after this post. Honestly I don’t want to work with anyone that has to do with ignorant racist remarks like this one or any racist remarks on any race. P.S. If you have time read all the stupid messages left on his youtube. Believe or not all that hate is transmitted into the kids. You must be blind if you don’t see it….PEACE! HAPPY EASTER!

Ok this is a quick video blog showing off one of our t-shirts designs we collaborated with Old English Brand.

It’s Troub’s Nasty debut on Kast & Fame TV. Special guest Midget Loco, which he is featuring on the song they recorded together “Ps Up”, it also features Stomper. Watch Out for Troub Nasty cause dude is dope.

Something we filmed last year, I just didnt want the footage to go to waste. So I put something together really quick. Hope you enjoy…