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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hey what’s up Kast & Fame Followers, as you all might or might not know we are really linked up with Urban Kings, Like crime syndication ready to take over the world. Due to that fact we are getting credit for almost 80% off music production coming out of UKMG, that you might love or not. Well sorry to disappoint you but no matter how family we are at Urban Kings we only do 20% to none of the production on the albums that get released. So let’s shine some light to some of the dope producers that might be making the tracks you love: Lyrik which produces most of Charlie Row Projects, D.Salas, C-Blunt and in Conejos release well you either have Ernie g or Bandit of tattoo ink. Well just wanted to let you guys know that Kast & Fame is not really that active on producing a lot of albums on UKMG, unless it says Kast & Fame or you hear Kkkaassssttttttt nnnnnn Fame. Peace! Freedom For Iran!


Troub Nasty Creep Like me


A woman in Minn. was fine $1.6 million dollars for illegal downloading and distribution of 24 songs, $80,000 fine per song. I wonder if I swat team came in and busted her door and arrested her at gun point. She is now the most expensive mp3 thief in ages. I think the Minn. court system just wanted to make an example outta her for the rest of the illegal downloaders, but come on sounds like the judge is living in fantasy land that thinks everyone can cough out a million dollars. The lady couldn’t afford 99 cents a download and now she is slap with $80,000 per download, wow I wonder how is she going pay for that, specially been a single mother. I gotta tell you, I don’t like illegal downloading, but they have to be reasonable punishments for this sort of piracy crime. I mean what is next? Sending all illegal downloaders to concentration camps!  I wonder if the exec said “Woh, Judge we just wanted her never to have a computer or cut her ears off (joking), or just a reasonable fine, But how is this broke lady going to pay us 1.6 million”. What’s next? They are going to appeal the verdit, maybe get a new judge that actually listens to what’s going on, We’ll how that goes.

PS. Well People stop downloading, Cause the music police is in full effect. You can be charge $1,000,000 also.

Actual article:

I know we haven’t really been active on this site. we haven’t even updated our blog in this site for the past month. Well Let me give you alittle overview of what we been up to these past couple of weeks.

We releast our new video directed with Charlie Row Campo-Dreams, which is liked by almost everyone that views it.
-We been really active in our clothing line Vendetta Republic, We have to have something other then music going on since alot of people are downloading, is really cutting of our wadges.
-Once Upon of Time in America Project got pushed back till 2010 =( I know I know…But hey good things don’t come that easy.
-We changing the format of our Youtube Channel With more comedy skits and so on…We just feel alot of people are doing the whole Studio thing and the whole “hey I did a song” type of video that we wanted to entertain everyone in a different way.

That’s about it check out our Youtube Channel, Our Films, and our