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A woman in Minn. was fine $1.6 million dollars for illegal downloading and distribution of 24 songs, $80,000 fine per song. I wonder if I swat team came in and busted her door and arrested her at gun point. She is now the most expensive mp3 thief in ages. I think the Minn. court system just wanted to make an example outta her for the rest of the illegal downloaders, but come on sounds like the judge is living in fantasy land that thinks everyone can cough out a million dollars. The lady couldn’t afford 99 cents a download and now she is slap with $80,000 per download, wow I wonder how is she going pay for that, specially been a single mother. I gotta tell you, I don’t like illegal downloading, but they have to be reasonable punishments for this sort of piracy crime. I mean what is next? Sending all illegal downloaders to concentration camps!  I wonder if the exec said “Woh, Judge we just wanted her never to have a computer or cut her ears off (joking), or just a reasonable fine, But how is this broke lady going to pay us 1.6 million”. What’s next? They are going to appeal the verdit, maybe get a new judge that actually listens to what’s going on, We’ll how that goes.

PS. Well People stop downloading, Cause the music police is in full effect. You can be charge $1,000,000 also.

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  1. Person was sharing music. Meaning not a regular down loader but a seeder. 😀

  2. A central Minnesota woman ordered to pay $1.92 million for illegally sharing copyright-protected music is asking a federal judge to reduce the damages she must pay or grant a new trial, while the recording industry is taking steps to make sure she doesn’t share music again.

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