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For the past couple of months you hardly hear from us in the production side of things. We get messages if we quit producing, how come we don’t make behind the scene studio session episodes, or promote new upcoming album. Well we still are making tracks, but we are experimenting alittle with sounds and styles. We are working we very open minded people in that side of things, so you would hardly hear from that since is a work in progress. Behind the scenes studio sessions, have become boring to us to watch. It’s all the same, so we are to trying to entertain you guys in a different way cause at the end of the day that’s what we are entertainment. We did not quit music for clothing, although the clothing bussiness has become a passion of ours, since it runs in our family. We found a nitch for sketch comedy and short-films, so expect us to evolve in some way or another in that area also. We like to reinvent ourselves, so when people start doing what we been doing 2 years ago we are on another page. Kast & Fame is the 2 headed monster….

Kast & Fame
Vendetta Republic
“Run With Us”


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