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Who are we!!!!???? (and the people chant KnF!) I Can’t Hear You!!! (The people chant KnF even louder!KnF! KnF! KnF!)

Then I woke up.

Well it’s 3:39am I have to up early for my morning work outs, I was just waking up from a nice dream. I don’t want to seem pessimistic cause I don’t think it is, it’s more of a self reflection of where are we heading to. I love making music, I love making records, and been sometimes more popular then some rappers. I just feel like the end of the road is coming and the well is drying out for us. I think we are tired of hanging in a world were been outside the box or inside the box is not paying off anymore. Now in days you have these producers that sell their tracks for 50.00 bucks and graphic designers that have no sense of style charge 100.00 bucks per covers, funny thing is that rappers temp to go for that. Then they wonder why their records don’t sell or stand out…Chicano Rap business is not the same anymore. We see all these saturation of recycle gimmicks or sometimes no fresh ideas what so ever and it’s just disappointing. Now some of you might be glad to hear this, but KnF will fade to black out of Chicano Rap. It’s just not paying off anymore, it’s just the same o crap that has turned into an uninspiring job. Fuck that Shit! Fuck The phone calls by rappers that want the best graphics but want to starve the designer, Fuck the rappers that forget to give credit where credit is due, Fuck the labels that temp to cheat the people that help them look good and keep us starving, Fuck The Stuck up no body producers that hate cause they can’t make their single noticed by the most important ears which is the people, Fuck FuCk fuck fuck anything that has killed the business that we all once feasted upon.

Well now that I have got that off my chest. We feel like looking for other alternatives of making our ends and still expressing our artistic passions. As some of you know we created an alternative street Clothing Line which is Vendetta Republic, we been doing alot of short films just for your amusement hoping to become a youtube partner someday lol, we will be producing more experimental and remain exclusive and only jump on projects we think are dope. So If you aren’t mad of the statements that were said, you can still be a KnF supporter, cause your struggle is mine.

PS: If you said how dare he say that? How dare do I not, Look at my resume. =) perceptibly analyze what I have brought to the table.

ok I am sleepy. Peace Be With you.



    • this is santa ana slick of gudda gang i need yalls number
    • Posted May 2, 2012 at 4:27 pm
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    Kall me kast and fame yall did my first album

      • this is santa ana slick of gudda gang i need yalls number
      • Posted May 2, 2012 at 4:29 pm
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      Kall me kast and fame yall did my first gudda gang album 714 404 5955

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