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I have been noticing that my life in a hurry online is causing me the lack to take the time to correct my grammar. I spend a lot of time on blogs, forums, texting, aim, and yahoo messenger that I have fallen into the “LOL” language user. By that I mean that we are starting to live in an online society were we keep things short, or we just don’t spend as much time correcting our writing errors. I am a little ashamed that I have fallen into that category of online users. From now on I will pay extra attention to my writing skills. Even while I chat I will not use shortcuts like “How r u” or “Is dat urs”, after years of doing that it has an effect on your writing skills. I am not saying it does for everyone, but for a man that tries to keep his mind 100% dedicated to design, art, and colors. I will space out and forget that I have to write properly. So I will not correct my grammar from past articles. To remind me that there is a grammar police or people might overlook my designs because I have run-on sentences or just have a horrible grammar.


You just can’t go wrong with Dead End Studios Designs. Kast the creator of has made a high light for his career as a graphic designer, he has designed a logo that was for a brand new video game developing company that is now worth 2 million dollars, but that is not all; the man is so creative that he just not happen to design the logo, but he name the company! I mean if that doesn’t show you the power of the creativity of this man, I don’t know what is. So stop doubting and start working with us.

Check out the video game site:

the celebration cake

This is a new film and directed by us.

In this song lil sneaks is depicted as a man who is trying to help out his family in two parts of the world. In a moment of desperation he is willing to do to commit a crime since there is no other way to provide for them.

Directors comments:
In the story line that’s what the liquor store symbolizes, a crime done by deperation.

Check out Lil Sneaks at page


Watch it in High Def:
This is our first video directed using green screen and some motion graphics. The Song “Shades On” is by Los Angeles based rapper Two Face. Enjoy!

Photography By Kast of

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We kick off the first week of october with a new Kast N Fame TV episode. Just take a tiny little bit behind the scenes of a photoshoot with the infamous Charlie Campo. Enjoy!

We are all watching what we spend or we are just simply not spending. The hard part is been a small business and not knowing how to stimulate promotions to revenue sells. Well you can’t go wrong with professional web sites that meet the needs of your business. So we came up with these package deals to help out your promotions. You know you will be in good hands when you work with Dead End Studios.

Call us for an appointment.

Call us for an appointment.

I don’t know how long we went without new business cards, but we finally got around to having them made. When we got them back, we noticed that we forgot to to put a “d” on “end” so instead of saying it saids Don’t worry we solved the problem by buying the domain name for those that won’t noticed that we ARE MISSING A “D”!!! lol Don’t matter Kast & Fame always find a way to make it work.

We open up our fall/winter season of 08/09 with our first Vendetta Doll, we call it “Tattoo”. What inspired us to do this doll? Well everyone kicks off their clothing line either with a shirt design or sweaters. We wanted to do something different to throw you guys off a little bit. We get a kick off been different and taking chance. Tattoo is something that we believe is unique, so we are making it limited edition collectible item. This is strictly manufacture by us, so pay close attention to every single one of these dolls been sold. Tattoo is here and it’s a must have. Visit The Store page.