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We just got this Street Fighter 4!! You want to fight us? Add us on our xbox live accounts:


Xo shinigami oXpicture-4

We didn’t get it on the day it released but i still pre-ordered it and i was suppose to get a headband but they were all gone. 😦

so we made our own.


You just can’t go wrong with Dead End Studios Designs. Kast the creator of has made a high light for his career as a graphic designer, he has designed a logo that was for a brand new video game developing company that is now worth 2 million dollars, but that is not all; the man is so creative that he just not happen to design the logo, but he name the company! I mean if that doesn’t show you the power of the creativity of this man, I don’t know what is. So stop doubting and start working with us.

Check out the video game site:

the celebration cake

Civilization Revolution, not really the type of game i would pick up and/or buy. This game was actually lent to me (and no im not just saying that cause im ashamed.) 

The concept of the game is good, you choose your civilization (i chose the Aztecs) and you build your empire. At the same time there are other civilizations developing as well. You go to war, you develop great cities, you build armies, explore the world and all the things that you’d expect. So far sounds great, right?

Well the problem downfall that i see with this game is that its too short. You complete that game in 2-3 hrs max! The maps are small, and you can only encounter 5 civilizations at once. the time lapse is too short as well. For example if you haven’t discovered the alphabet, you can go into the modern era without it. 

Its an entertaining game for the 2-3 hrs that you play it, but I just don’t think it lets you develop everything as much as you’d like to. 

We just go the new GTA IV. i was thinking of doing a review, but what for, everyone already knows it always lives up to the hype. Get at us gamer tag: kastNfame .


Assassins Creed
Alright, alright, so after much thought we bought an xbox360 (game tag: kastnfame). The first game we bought is “Assassins Creed.” Here’s our first of many more game reviews to come. Read More »