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Track of his upcoming street album “Tattoo Tears”

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Check out Troub Nasty Performing Live With Too Short:


We are doing a new experiment, “Listen Before You Buy”. You can download the full album of JMG & Nom Cognac and if you like it you can purchase it. Even you don’t purchase it, just take the picture above and put it on your myspace or even twitter the link. If you have a blog write a review about the cd good or bad. We thank you!

Here is two of my favorite songs from the album:
Hustle every Day


I know I haven’t got around to update this blog as often as it should be, but I promise that will change today. I will try to make a post atleast daily, with random rants and pictures. Ok, So now that we got that out the way. I know I haven’t given much shine to my boys new CD JMG & Nom Cognac “My Brothers Keeper”. It’s a pretty cool cd, check out the snippets and if you like it purchase it for only 4.99

Get it here:

1.Talk Now
2.My Time
3.Fuck All Ya’ll
5.Westcoast Thang
6.Hustle Everyday
7.Oh No
8. Lights On
9.Big Dreams
10.Remember The Queen
11.Do You Believe
12.Came To Party
13.Paper Boy
14.Stackin Em Up
17.One Day
20.Wessyde Grind

Hey what’s up Kast & Fame Followers, as you all might or might not know we are really linked up with Urban Kings, Like crime syndication ready to take over the world. Due to that fact we are getting credit for almost 80% off music production coming out of UKMG, that you might love or not. Well sorry to disappoint you but no matter how family we are at Urban Kings we only do 20% to none of the production on the albums that get released. So let’s shine some light to some of the dope producers that might be making the tracks you love: Lyrik which produces most of Charlie Row Projects, D.Salas, C-Blunt and in Conejos release well you either have Ernie g or Bandit of tattoo ink. Well just wanted to let you guys know that Kast & Fame is not really that active on producing a lot of albums on UKMG, unless it says Kast & Fame or you hear Kkkaassssttttttt nnnnnn Fame. Peace! Freedom For Iran!

Midget Loco is busy in the studio with Kast & Fame. We are producing a couple of songs for his solo album coming out. Shady Boy was patiently waiting to get in the booth and do his 16.


Ok so i made this video of me showing of songs that we produced for Charlie Row Campo-Stop Studio Gangster Part. 2 Coming out this march 10 In stores everywhere. So check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel:

First official AD campaign for one of the biggest projects of 2009 that we are working on side by side with Stomper. Now this is actually stompers first official solo album, for those whom are still wondering about it.
america bespuche

Ok i know this artist is brand new to you readers, he has been working on his album since 2006 with us, so it’s all produced by KnF. Check out his album snippets:

lil boxer the way that it is

Ok brand new song from Steel Banging Musick: Midget Loco, Toro, Youngster. It’s called “You Get No Love”. Produced by yours truly Kast & Fame. Enjoy!


It’s almost here. Another installment of Stop Studio Gangsters, the game knows it needs it. I can honestly say that its BANGING! We got a variety of tracks. Most of you already heard the “hit” single “Bad Cause I’m Brown” and you can expect more bangers like that and also some other types of tracks that are sure to make your car rumble with bass. So as we near the end of this latest installment we keep in mind what you our listeners like don’t like and of course always trying to surpass your expectations because we love to push that envelope.

ps. When this project come out remember to BUY it. I can’t stress that enough. I know every has heard this a lot, but really if you all keep downloading these projects, you are all taking money away from your favorite artists, producers, and record labels. If there’s no money for them there is no music for you. I’m sure some of you don’t give a fuck, but thats just sad. Especially some all you who are all support raza this support raza that and then you go on a bootleg music from raza. So i end this post with this…STOP BOOTLEGGIN’ FUCKERS.