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Check out my new Short Film

Post your prediction for 2012 Click on the link below, Thanks for watching =)


Starring JMG

Starring JMG

Something we filmed last year, I just didnt want the footage to go to waste. So I put something together really quick. Hope you enjoy…

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Ok so i made this video of me showing of songs that we produced for Charlie Row Campo-Stop Studio Gangster Part. 2 Coming out this march 10 In stores everywhere. So check out the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel:

This is a new film and directed by us.

In this song lil sneaks is depicted as a man who is trying to help out his family in two parts of the world. In a moment of desperation he is willing to do to commit a crime since there is no other way to provide for them.

Directors comments:
In the story line that’s what the liquor store symbolizes, a crime done by deperation.

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Watch it in High Def:
This is our first video directed using green screen and some motion graphics. The Song “Shades On” is by Los Angeles based rapper Two Face. Enjoy!

Hey what’s up everyone, well we finally got some behind the scene footage to the last video of 2008 directed by Us (Kast & Fame). Shades On, is a very creative and breath of fresh air when it comes to Latin rap. It shouldn’t even have a genre category, it’s just fun music. Something some people shouldn’t be afraid to do. The song is by a new solo artist Two Face or formally known as Dos Caras. I really like this song and I am honestly proud to have been a part of the filming of this music video. Enjoy the behind the scenes Video:

Coming soon: The Trailer For “The Infamous Family” DVD
Directed By Kast & Fame
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I thought this was pretty cool check it out, JMG-LOVE HAS DIED Remix AMV style.

Love Has Died Anime Style Video

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