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Category Archives: World Premiere

So I heard this song called “Chicano Rap pt.2” by a chicano rap artist Lil Yogi. To my surprise Lil Yogi shouts out everyone that has taken part a still taking part in the Chicano rap industry. Since Lil Yogi took time to give love to everyone in a song including us. I want to take the time to show you his song. Oh yeah and Much Love to Lil Yogi and Murder Squad Ent


Ok i know this artist is brand new to you readers, he has been working on his album since 2006 with us, so it’s all produced by KnF. Check out his album snippets:

lil boxer the way that it is

Ok brand new song from Steel Banging Musick: Midget Loco, Toro, Youngster. It’s called “You Get No Love”. Produced by yours truly Kast & Fame. Enjoy!


Watch it in High Def:
This is our first video directed using green screen and some motion graphics. The Song “Shades On” is by Los Angeles based rapper Two Face. Enjoy!

Ok if you haven’t heard it, Here is a Rmx song from JMG’s Latest album “The Truth Hurts” In stores now. I always liked this song because of the storyline, but I simply love it!

I finally got around to doing a video explaining a little bit about our new digital download project, called Definition. Check it out:

Ok we are finally done, right now it’s about 4:30 am and we just finished putting together our web site. Oh yeah we added a film section so you can check out all our videos we have directed. I just added a new high quality video “We came from the valley”. Ok time to go to sleep…zzzzzzzzzzz

Our new video directed by us: “We Come from The Valley” by artist Fiesty 2 guns. Check it out…

Brand new song from Just.My.Gun; this song is of his new E.P. “State Of Emergency”, and the song is called “Innocent Cry”. The EP is set to drop sometime this Fall and it will be available for free download. Check out the song at his myspace:

Well Good news to start of our week, a song with Charlie Row Campo produced by us got played on the Pocos Pero Locos show on Power 106. That is always real good…Well If you haven’t heard It Hear it goes, Oh yeah and If you like it KEEP REQUESTING THAT MUTHA’ SWAMP THEM LOL: