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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I would like to introduced one talented song writer and vocalist by the name of Nessa Ness. We just finally got to finish one of her songs called “Give me a Sign” featuring JMG. Check it out:

If you want to know more about Nessa Ness hit her up on her myspace page MYSPACE.COM/NESSANESS


I wanted to give some shine to an upcoming artist with lots of fire to spit, he goes by the name of Blue. Check out a song “Burn” produced by none other then our selfs Kast & Fame.

By the way check out Blue’s myspace at:

Yeah! That’s right we got our own clothing line going on. Vendetta Vestimento Bitches! ok check out the site

Ok we got a treat for you, we got a song from the band Hello GoodBye called “All Of Your Love”. I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard it if not then enjoy. Produced and remix by KAST & FAME.

Thanks to all the homies that came down to Xalos this thursday!
Alright I posted some pics in our album. I know if you saw them yes, yes we are “fuckeeeedddd up…”