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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Ok I just found out we got a song produced on the new Stomper project. Now I dont have a sample clip of the album at the moment since I am writing this blog outside of the studio. But you can check it out at
“Everyman for himself” track 17.


That’s it Blue Ray has won the battle againts HD DVD, making dvd a thing of the past. If you dont know what Blu Ray is, it’s a way better format then dvds. It can hold more memory on disk making it possible to bring up the quality of picture and sound. It’s more expensive to make, making it more expesive to buy. Blu Ray players are going for $500.00 and up. But as more consumers start buying the product price will decrease. Yup about the dvd players they wont be making them no more, the movies will be only available on Blu Ray disc. Read More »

I thought this was pretty cool check it out, JMG-LOVE HAS DIED Remix AMV style.

Love Has Died Anime Style Video

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