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Track of his upcoming street album “Tattoo Tears”

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Check out Troub Nasty Performing Live With Too Short:


So we were all sitting in the studio going over some pictures and an idea came out of no where: “We should start working on Stop Studio Gangsters II”. We thought it was just a random rant, but the idea kinda go more interesting as we sat in the hot studio. So we said fuck it why the fuck not!

Charlie Row and Kast & Fame would like to present to you the first leak out song of STOP STUDIO GANGSTERS 2. “BAD CUZ IM BROWN”

[Why a leak and not save it you say? Well we think once you hear this and see that the wheels in motion. You will not download the album when it comes out, so stack up your chips because it will be coming soon!]

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A treat from us to you, this is not intended for your likes or dislikes. It was something we did in two weeks just for fun. So enjoy our joy of playing with music. Read More »