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Monthly Archives: August 2008

daddy yankee can suck a republican ass. I know i am not making a very intelligent statement here, but come on since when is a rapper a conservative! I think something is wrong with that picture. I never like that guy, i’ll stick to pitbull. PSH sell out…Well Who cares is not like his fan have a brain to care about politics.
OOOOOHHHHH You know damn well those kids in the background have no voting age, lol nor look republican. I am guessing those that have a voting age are going to think “Well whom should i vote for? Well Daddy yankee said vote mccain so my ass should do it, even though i hate wars, the economy is fucked up thanks to bush, and we might drill over seas. But Fuck it I like daddy yankee”. I mean come on!!! 


Brand new song from Just.My.Gun; this song is of his new E.P. “State Of Emergency”, and the song is called “Innocent Cry”. The EP is set to drop sometime this Fall and it will be available for free download. Check out the song at his myspace:

A lot of self made record label and artist have a misconception about what mastering is so I am going to give a quick overview of what mastering is. Mastering is the bridge between finish up your tracks in the studio and going to cd manufacturing. When you are done with your album you have a collection of tracks with different level peaks and different EQs. What mastering does it unifies all the tracks using EQs, compression, and other dynamic processors. It will give all the cd a consistent sound from track to track. Mastering can give the cd that extra overall level to compete with the major releases.  Mastering will ensure that your music will sound great on a car stereo, Ipods, and top of the line stereo systems. 

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