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Monthly Archives: December 2008

I formally introduce you to our brand new design called “Heartless”. I know it reminds you of the song, but honestly the description to explain the inspiration behind this design is that there are many people out there that are vultures and wait until you are vulnerable to come down and rip your heart out. That’s why people become heartless, so many vultures try taking out your heart. I hope you are getting what I am trying to say, lol. If not, oh well it’s a dope shirt to have.

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Sammy "Desmadre" Gonzales Undefeated Pro boxer

Model: Sammy "Desmadre" Gonzales Undefeated Pro boxer


Hey what’s up everyone, well we finally got some behind the scene footage to the last video of 2008 directed by Us (Kast & Fame). Shades On, is a very creative and breath of fresh air when it comes to Latin rap. It shouldn’t even have a genre category, it’s just fun music. Something some people shouldn’t be afraid to do. The song is by a new solo artist Two Face or formally known as Dos Caras. I really like this song and I am honestly proud to have been a part of the filming of this music video. Enjoy the behind the scenes Video:

Ok so a couple of days ago we posted a video of some guy making a “ghetto tamal” also well known as spread. We never tasted it and people kept asking “How does it taste?”. So our minds started to wonder also, and we decided to make our own spread and taste it for the first time. Check out the process:


i was recently turned to this. now ive been a loyal tapatio consumer, but i thought i’d give this a try since i was told it was very good… skeptical at first i wasn’t too sure of the flavor, but it is actually very good. its different than tapatio, i am not really good at describing the flavor, but it kicks ass. now im not turning my back on tapatio but now they sit side by side as equals.

Ghetto tamales? lol. Don’t know how this would taste, but i sure as hell am curious.


Check out my new phone. A Blackberry Curve, i am so relieved to have a new phone. the previous phone i had was a Motorola Q. I dont think it qualified to be a cellphone anymore, and this is why: i couldn’t use the phone without it having to be plugged into a wall outlet (among the 101 other things that was wrong with it). So overtime i made a call i had to be sitting still, i could no longer walk around. it was pretty damn frustrating.

So now even though i haven’t explored all the features in my new phone it feels odd to finally be free from the chains of the Motorola Q.

By the way dont buy a motorola phone. They’re complete garbage.

Blackberry FTW.

I always heard some people telling me that Ed Hardy has some racist background, but I never researched it. I was on their site and this funky ugly looking shirt hurt my eyes. The more that I saw it, it seem like the depiction of what the KKK thinks Jesus should look like: WHITE, BLONDE, BLUE EYES. I mean you have to be a total ignorant to believe that, when historical facts point out that jesus was jewish and from the Middle East, he is more likely to have been dark-eyed and dark-haired as most people are who come from that region.
white jesus

Since we are on that note, What’s up with all these clothing lines that have to have the virgin mary as a skeleton or some sort of guerrilla soldier. I mean is that the respect they give to other peoples religion or are they seriously running out of ideas that they will slap anything on a shirt. Come on now have some creativity, better yet have some respect!