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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Lil Boxer
Check Out this Upcoming Artist Lil Boxer with his song “The Way That It Is”. Read More »


All the things he saying is true, i remember doing photoshoots with film, getting paid a lot more. The Internet has defenetly cheapened a lot of the work i do, but it has exposed us to a wider audience.

Ok we took alittle time out of the studio to get together and play some pool. This is like the new thing in our circle, Check out the flicks:

Chino Vs Kast
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Check out the new designs by Vendetta Vestimento, Fallen Angel Hoodie: Inspired by the dare devil graffiti artists that seem to have wings to pull the incredible pieces on billboards, bridges, sky high buildings.
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Some of you already heard of him, and know about the Nom Cognac. We want to be the ones to introduce formally this new artist stepping into the game. Read More »