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This is the last weekend of 2007 and we have had alot of accomplishments this year. Not as much as we would want to, but enough to keep the dream going. So I am summarizing 5 best things that happen to us in our career this 2007:

5. JMG, And Stomper-Not Like Me Video Shoot. (I think we exceeded our potentials of cinematography in that video. We literally set the bar high for our self. Fame Bleed like crazy on set…Good Times)

4.Charlie Rows-Stop Studio Gangsters Project released. (We had alot of fun working in this project and I am not going to lie alot of headaches trying to get it together. At the end I think we did something classic.Good Things aint easy to do….Pleasure working with the CROW click)

3.JMG-The Truth Hurts Project. (People that know us know about the team. This project to us is starting to mean alot, it has change the direction and the strategy we make music together. We found ourselves musically as a team)

2. Vendetta Vestimento-(We started our own clothing line.)

1.Vendetta Vestimento-(We release the hoodstar and sells out. Golden moment for us)

Thanks For The Support…Happy New Years!


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